David, it's been about 18 months since you made the first plans for my yard. I just wanted you to know that I love the yard! I have enjoyed it every day. Thank you for your creativity! It looks great. I wanted you to know there is at least one member of the David Widelock Fan Club!

"David did a fine job for us on very little notice. He demonstrated a willingness to discuss options and offered some good suggestions for our site. We look forward to working with him again."

"He's very professional, and he doesn't waste time. He's easy to work with, just very relaxed."-F.M.

"They do what they say they will do. They put everything in writing. David is very knowledgeable about landscaping, and he also has a good sense of humor." -Elizabeth A.

"David was punctual, timely, and responsive." -Sarah B.
"Very reasonable turnaround time" -Jeanne C.
"They did what they said they would do." -John G.
"He is very personable and takes your opinion into account." -Stephen H.
"I liked his ideas, but I also like that he listened to mine." -Kevin K.
"He was very professional, and his designs were good. I was pretty impressed." -Mario L.
"He responded quickly and did a good job." -Jeff S.
"He was really easy to work with. He was very responsive, and he gave me things on time." -G.G.N.R.C.
"I would say that he was very clear and straight about the situation." -C.K.L.C.
"Their responsiveness and detailed plans" -C.V.H.A.
"Technical competence, I've worked with him for years. He is very good." -D.M.L.C.
"He works well with me. He is also very personable. I have known him for a long time, and he is flexible with my project schedules." -D.C.E.
"He is very practical, responsive, and knowledgeable. Some landscapers like to make a big mess out of a project, but David accepts the scope as it is and does a good job." -W.A.A.
"He's very professional, and he doesn't waste time. He's easy to work with, just very relaxed." -F.M.
"His knowledge, and the fact that he's timely. I think he's very easy to work with." -W.P.M.
"He does stuff on time. He is also very responsive to what I want." -B.A.


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