For a custom design, you are better off working with a landscape designer before you even talk with an installer. Together we can create a design that fits your budget and your style, and then you can find a contractor who is qualified to do the work. Customers who work with landscape architects first have more control over the design and their budget, and they will be happier with the end result. You'll get a customized, personalized design from someone trained as a designer who understands the landscape industry.

As a homeowner, how can you know for sure that a particular designer is right for you? It's important to meet in person before making a decision. The first thing I do is set up a site visit. This gives us a chance to talk face-to-face and explore the space together. We talk about what they need. When customers have a specific budget, we can work within that range and I can help them find landscaping solutions that save them money. Once you've spent time talking about all of these issues, it is easy to tell if working together is going to be a good fit.

Water conservation is really important, and I can  help you plan a water-friendly yard,. In the summer-dry west, you should consider mostly drought tolerant plants. Lawns and water-hungry plants should be planted where they'll give the most visual punch. Irrigation systems that save resources and money are a specialty of David Widelock Landscape Design. I create different hydrozones based on the sunlight and plants in that particular area of the garden. I’ll put plants with various watering needs in sections and then create an irrigation system with different circuits. I can even program the system for you so you don't water too often and you can be sure you're not wasting water by overwatering drought tolerant plants.

Technology not only makes the gardens more efficient, it also makes it easier than ever to share information and get the exact design the clients want without wasting time. I do most of my designing on the computer. That way, I can transmit my drawings to my clients immediately, and we can send ideas back and forth. I can send a drawing, and clients can make comments and then email back to me. It's faster and helps me make sure my clients are getting everything they want.


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