Selected Project Experience:

Eakin Residence, Danville, CA (SP)
Fremder Residence, Piedmont, CA (consultant)
Gillmar Residence, Berkeley, CA (consultant)
Hom Residence, Lafayette, CA (SP)
Subotnick Residence, Piedmont, CA (consultant)
Warrick Residence, Berkeley, CA (SP)
Wexler Residence, Palo Alto, CA (consultant)

Arroyo Viejo Park, Oakland, CA (consultant)
Courtland Creek Park, Oakland, CA (SP)
Chinese Garden Park (Chinese Cultural Center), Oakland, CA (MFA)
Golden Gate Audubon Society Center, Aquatic Park, Berkeley CA (consultant)
Quarry Lakes Regional Park, Fremont, CA (SP and consultant)
Thousand Oaks Park, Berkeley, CA (consultant)
Bay Trail at the Presidio (consultant)
Ft. Baker Mission Blue Butterfly Habitat Restoration (consultant)
Frogpad Park, Hercules, CA (consultant)
Bushrod Park, Oakland, CA

Analy High School, Sebastopol, CA
Brentwood Elementary School, Brentwood, CA (SP)
El Molino High School, Forestville, CA
University of California at Berkeley Environmental Health and Safety Facility (SP)
University of California at Davis; Solano Park Site Renovation (SP)

Utilities and Public Agency Work:
Alameda County Water Treatment Facility, Fremont, CA (consultant)
Atmospheric Emergency Response Facility, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA (SP)
Courtland Creek Park, Oakland, CA (SP)
Lemoore Naval Air Station, Lemoore, CA (MFA)
Madera State Prison; Madera, CA (SP)
Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA (consultant)
San Andreas Water Treatment Facility, Expansions #1 and #2, San Mateo, CA (consultant) Alameda County public agency plan review (consultant)
Travis Air Force Base (MFA)
John Muir Parkway, Hercules, Ca (consultant)

Environmental Restoration and Erosion Control:
Duffield Residence, Danville, CA (SP)
El Cerrito Creek Landslide Repair, Berkeley, CA (SP)
Head Royce School, Oakland, CA (SP)
Liquid Gold Superfund Site, Richmond, CA (SP)
Quarry Lakes Regional Park, Fremont, CA (SP)
San Andreas Water Treatment Facility, Expansions #1 and #2, San Mateo, CA (SP)
Thousand Oaks School, Berkeley, CA (consultant)

Urban Forestry:
City of Thousand Oaks Urban Forestry Report (WMA)

Apple Hill Estates, Brentwood, CA  (SP)
Ashton Apartments, San Jose, CA (SP)
Cotati Cohousing, Cotati , CA (consultant)
Sanders Ranch, Moraga, CA (SP)
Sequoyah Heights Homeowner’s Association, Oakland, CA (consultant)
St. Francis Square Apartments, San Francisco, CA (consultant)
St. Francis Wood, San Francisco, CA (consultant)
Villa Mira Vista Homeowners Association, Richmond, CA (consultant)
Alameda Point Collaborative, Alameda, CA (consultant)

Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, CA (SP)
Kaiser Hospital, Oakland, CA (SP)
VA hospital, Martinez

ASLA National Award, l99l, for the Thousand Oaks Urban Forestry Report, Wolfe Mason Associates

SP= work performed as an employee of Sites Pacific
MFA=work performed as an employee of Manuel Fernandez and Associates
WMA=work performed as an employee of Wolfe Mason Associates
Consultant=work performed as an independent consultant


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