Services offered:

My work is design. I am a licensed landscape architect; I'm not a landscape contractor. I can recommend contractors, help you choose them, and do a punch list when their work is nearing completion.

Preliminary  plans: Also called “Master Plans”, this is the conceptual phase, where the elements of the landscape are planned. The shape and location of such features as walls, fences, decks, trellises, steps, paving and circulation, and major planting elements such as trees, lawns, shrub massing,  and screening are fit together into a whole.

Design development: In this phase materials are chosen such as types of paving, finishes, and in general the preliminary plan is refined.

Construction Drawings: This can include planting, irrigation, layout, grading, drainage, lighting, and construction details for decks, trellises, fences, paving, retaining walls, etc. These are drawings that a contractor uses to bid the job and construct the landscape.

Cost Estimating: At each stage of the process I can provide cost estimates as needed.

Bid Assistance: I can help find and choose contractors, and prepare and send out bid letters.

Construction Administration: I can make site visits to observe construction and work with the contractor to achieve a successful landscape installation.


My fees are usually on a lump sum basis for a preliminary plan and then once we know the elements involved, another lump sum for construction documents. Typical total fees for residential work range anywhere from $750 to $5,000. Some clients may prefer to only pay for a master plan, rather than a full set of working drawings. Others may only need particular services such as planting design.

I am also available for one time on-site consultations. This service is most often used by residential clients, and entails an hour or two on-site with the client, coming up with ideas and assistance, usually for garden renovation, drainage problems, etc.


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